808 | X-Particles

Working with X-Particles.
by Gene Hollister (Executive Producer/Director  808, Inc.)

I had a chance to discuss the coolest new particle system for C4D with one of 808's motion artist, Glenn Marshall and 808's design director, Fabian Aldama. It's called X-Particles by INSYDIUM, Ltd. Glenn explains: "It's not just limited to particle animation, X-Particle’s powerful and flexible system is perfect for fluids, gaseous, organic and abstract geometry.  For any given scenario or brief - there’s always something creative and exciting that can be achieved."


808's Design Director, Fabian Aldama added:

"Combine it with the advanced Arnold ray tracing renderer by Solid Angle and you get breathtaking results."

No surprise that it's being used by over 300 major studios like ILM, Framestore, MPC, The Mill and Sony Pictures.

INSYDIUM defines X-Particles as the most fully featured, advanced particle simulation and rendering environment for MAXON’s Cinema 4D.

They're not kidding. X-Particles has quickly become one of 808's favorite tools. Be sure to check back as we'll be adding more X-Particle projects soon.

808 | Humor in Advertising

That’s the pungent aroma of successful advertising.

When done right, humor is powerful and surprisingly cost-effective tool for differentiating a brand and connecting with customers.

In I Smell Funny, Writer-Director Robert Campbell talks about the use and misuse of humor in advertising. Packed with examples, weird anecdotes and behind-the-scenes insights, this presentation lays out strategies for how to sell humor to your clients, along with a few fundamentals on how to execute your ideas.

Robert Campbell is Partner and Writer-Director of 808, Inc., a Houston-based creative and production company. Formerly a senior writer with BBDO Houston, Robert has created memorable, award-winning advertising for a variety of national and regional clients. He’s written for print, web, broadcast, outdoor, bathroom walls—and has directed numerous commercials. In addition to receiving a Cannes Lion, his work has been featured in Ad Age, Creativity, Adweek, AdCritic.com’s Top 10, TBS’s Funniest Commercials on Television and a BBC Documentary on advertising, which he hasn’t seen.


The Snack Food Equivalent of Scared Straight.

As if “cracklins” wasn’t sufficiently suspicious, this copywriter brings it home with this mouth-watering descriptor. Hats off for hocking this one up.


Taking a cue from the Federal Meat Handling Act of 1947, 808 implements brisk, rigorous quality-assurance benchmarks, ensuring that every project that leaves our facility is safe, bacteria-free and won't cause lower gastrointestinal incidents.