POST NOTES | 2D Character Animation


808, Inc. is known for its range of animation styles. 808 does everything from Traditional, 2D, 3D, Cutout, to Typography. One of our most popular request is 2D character based animations. They often require less production time and therefore, a more cost effective option for our clients with a fast deadline. Here are a few behind the scene views of us bringing the details of characters to life.


"Characters can always make a simple story come to life and connect to the audience in a more personable way."

       —Gene Hollister, Executive Producer/Director

We want to create movement in a fun way that enhances the story. When the viewer feels that human connection to your story it creates a positive impression that makes the effort for all involved worth while.

To accomplish this style of animation we start with flat vector illustrations and combine them with new After Effects scripting tools that allow us to give the illusion of 3D movement in a 2D workflow.