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808 | Humor in Advertising

That’s the pungent aroma of successful advertising.

When done right, humor is powerful and surprisingly cost-effective tool for differentiating a brand and connecting with customers.

In I Smell Funny, Writer-Director Robert Campbell talks about the use and misuse of humor in advertising. Packed with examples, weird anecdotes and behind-the-scenes insights, this presentation lays out strategies for how to sell humor to your clients, along with a few fundamentals on how to execute your ideas.

Robert Campbell is Partner and Writer-Director of 808, Inc., a Houston-based creative and production company. Formerly a senior writer with BBDO Houston, Robert has created memorable, award-winning advertising for a variety of national and regional clients. He’s written for print, web, broadcast, outdoor, bathroom walls—and has directed numerous commercials. In addition to receiving a Cannes Lion, his work has been featured in Ad Age, Creativity, Adweek, AdCritic.com’s Top 10, TBS’s Funniest Commercials on Television and a BBC Documentary on advertising, which he hasn’t seen.

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