In this Post Notes feature we'll go behind the scenes for client: Raytheon Professional Services, a global leader in training services and learning outsourcing. 808 creates a video promoting their highly realistic and immersive simulation training.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers. Click here to watch the full video and then come back to see how some of these effects were created.

VFX Breakdown of man overboard: After an explosion strikes the drill floor of an offshore oil rig, our hero character sets out on a mission to find the status of the situation and encounters several challenges along the way. As time passes, the rig becomes more unstable and our hero comes face to face with another explosion that pushes him overboard. Our production team and visual effects team worked together to create this violent blast. We captured two separate shots called plates. First, a background plate of the door opening forcefully, and then a plate of our stuntman being jolted back from the blast. 808's visual effects team then merges these two plates together and adds more smoke, fire and debris to create our final composite.

Watch the clip below to see a VFX breakdown of this shot.