by Tarick Foteh

This past month, I took a trip to visit the amazing Desert Nomad House, built in the desert just outside of Tucson, Arizona.

The highly published house, designed by architect Rick Joy, is basically three metal boxes situated at the base of a mountain in the arid desert. Each box is situated to offer a different view of the surroundings, and each one is basically represents an area of a traditional home – living / dining, bedroom, and office / study.

After a long drive through dusty roads, I approached a steep hill, and saw the structure when I reached the top. Upon entering the property, there is a small carport made of steel mesh, but somehow keeps the sun and heat out.

I entered the first large box, and it reminded me of a product designed by Apple. Everything is hidden – doors, knobs, not a single screw was visible anywhere. It took me a while to find the bathroom, which was behind a hidden door in the wall. The place was decorated with an eclectic mix of african art and modern furniture. The coffee table was made from a real bed of a tribal chief.

The other boxes, were an office area and a bed & bath which housed an exposed shower and toilet to the desert outside. Fortunately, there are no neighbors nearby, but thankfully, I found a small remote that controlled a set of electric shades that can also be programmed to provide shade when the sun is in their direction or privacy from the spying eyes of a javelina.

The famous award-winng home, which cannot be changed due to an award from the smithsonian institute is available for rent, and is currently offered for sale. If you're into modern architecture, and want to experience something with a twist, I definitely recommend a visit. Here are a few images from my trip.

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