The idea was to take an ordinary day at the beach and turn it into a colorful, lively world for a children's sunblock commercial. We started out with the clean untreated footage. Live-Action Director: Gary Lankford.

In order to remove the unwanted beach-goers and add our doodled elements, we needed to do some 3D camera tracking. With camera tracking, or match moving, we are able insert these elements with the same motion that was created by the live-action camera.

Before adding our doodle elements we needed to clean up the shot by doing some cloning and color correcting. We used the same tracking data to help clone out the swimmers and replace the sky and landscape in the background.

Finally we finish it off by adding some fun doodles with some extra post effects to help bring it all together.


Watch the clip below to see it in action.

Post Notes808, Inc.